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Playful Learning

What if…

Every child is able to develop essential social and emotional skills in a safe and playful learning environment that helps them to improve academic outcomes, manage their emotions and thrive in school AND in life?

Learning in a playful way supports children in learning and developing. It helps to build self-worth by giving a child a sense of his or her own abilities and to feel good about themselves.

Playful Learning helps children learn and develop

Play is very important to a child’s development while they develop many skills through the power of playful learning. They develop their skills to understand and manage emotions, build creativity, confidence and social skills. Play helps to nurture imagination and supports problem-solving, working with others, sharing and much more.

Playful Learning supports trauma & healing

In a ChezaCheza class, children experience the joy of dancing while engaging in experiential learning that develops positive behaviour and essential cognitive, social and emotional skills. Dance is an emotional activity that can help children to release trauma and find a healthy outlet to express their emotions. 

Playful Learning engages children

ChezaCheza means playful in Swahili. We use the transformative power of dance and movement to teach children from disadvantaged communities essential social and emotional competencies to succeed in school and thrive in life. Our dance curriculum uses a Social-Emotional Learning framework that incorporates meditation, mindfulness, and movement-based exercises from dance movement therapy to engage children in a playful learning framework.

Cheza Cheza Dance Foundation | Picture by Katie G. Nelson

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