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Why dance?

ChezaCheza uses the power of dance as an innovative and culturally relevant approach to life skills education in the African context. Historically, dance has been an integral part of African culture. Despite a large body of knowledge that shows that life skills education can support children in navigating different challenges, there is a lack of context-specific approaches. Engaging children in an activity that speaks to their culture creates a conducive learning environment to transfer life skills. Recent studies have shown the importance of movement in the development of learning skills, and much of this research has informed the evolution of the ChezaCheza curriculum. Here are just a few of the benefits of using dance as a tool to transfer life skills to children facing vulnerabilities:

  1. Enables us to understand and express our emotions in a safe, creative way.
  2. Promotes self-awareness, confidence and benefits physical and mental health.
  3. Provides release of trauma by exploring repressed memories and unhappy feelings.
  4. Improves interpersonal skills, communication abilities, and group cooperation.
  5. Connects with African culture and history.

Cheza Cheza Dance Foundation | Picture by Katie G. Nelson

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