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Our Work

At ChezaCheza, we believe that dance and movement is an excellent tool for learning. We create a safe space where children can play, be creative and express themselves through dance. We actively build on creating the best environment where children feel supported and comfortable to express their creativity.


Provide life skills education to children in vulnerable communities by engaging them in a specialized dance program


Empowering children with the capacity to make responsible life choices and realize their full potential

Dance Hubs

We aim to provide access to life skills education to as many children as possible. One way we do this is by setting up local ‘dance hubs’ that provide a free after-school dance program. Our teachers are positive role models from the same community as our children. They were once the children they teach, which give them credibility and trust that breaks down barriers for effective mentorship. ChezaCheza only selects and trains dancers that are committed to social change in their community and have a strong network in the neighbourhood where they live. The teachers get trained to effectively transfer life skills by using our curriculum. We also provide them with small funds that cover venue costs and snacks to sustain the dance and life skills program in their neighbourhood.


We are experts in movement-based learning and want to empower as many children through life skills education as we can. We also want to promote dance as a tool for creating better educational outcomes. Sitting behind a desk is not the only way to learn something because you can learn by doing and moving. ChezaCheza collaborates with schools, special needs education and ECD centres to provide a tailor-made life skills curriculum, using dance and movement. All our dance classes are on school property and provided within the time given for extracurricular activities. We also provide teacher training on how to integrate life skills through movement in everyday school classes.

Team Building & Workshops

We do not see any limitations when it comes to the power of dance and movement. We provide a wide range of dance workshops and team building activities. Do you want to energise your team or enhance creative thinking and collaboration? We design movement-based teambuilding activities and workshops that can enhance collaboration, leadership skills and communication within or between teams.

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