We bring children in informal settlements in Kenya together through dance. Read more


Community Classes

To participate in the program, youth join 2-hour sessions, one time per week, taught by highly trained instructors. These classes follow a formal structure which incorporate breath work, life skills, physical exercise that stimulate social and emotional learning. Every class ends with a debrief to connect learning and skills with their situation at home and in school.In class children experience the joy of dancing, while engaging in experiential learning that develops positive behaviour and essential cognitive, social and emotional skills. The curriculum is build on 3 progressive modules, designed to meet students at their ability level, both physically and social-emotionally.

“ChezaCheza has helped me learn how to control emotions by explaining what it is that I feel. I now have tools on how to work with people. I am more aware that it does not matter where I come from, I can make the choice to be who I want to be”  –  George, 13 years

Teacher Training

ChezaCheza seeks out community role models with a passion for dance to implement dance and life skills classes. These role models grew up in the community where they teach, and therefore understand their students’ challenging context. ChezaCheza teachers commit to our training program which enables them to lead classes in their neighborhood, become agents for social change, and ultimately transform their communities.

“ChezaCheza has helped me to realise my potential. I know myself better and therefore I am a better teacher. I am proud of my job and that I can give back to my community through my talent. ” – Collins Okoth, 24 years
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