We bring children in informal settlements in Kenya together through dance. Read more

Dance Program

Every Saturday, we deliver Social-Emotional Learning through dance in different community spaces. Our dance curriculum uses a Social-Emotional Learning framework that incorporates meditation, mindfulness, and movement-based exercises from dance movement therapy to engage children in a playful learning framework.

ChezaCheza’s 7-step class structure gives children the joy of experimenting with dance while building essential social and emotional skills. The curriculum contains three progressive modules, each teaching a series of social and emotional competencies or life skills. ChezaCheza designed its classes around essential skills lacking in the children’s current environment and academic curriculum. 

Teacher Training

We create more safe learning spaces within communities by providing local role models with access to professional development and training geared towards teaching dancers how to implement social-emotional learning in an out-of-school dance program. For 12 weeks, ChezaCheza runs a competency-based training program to develop youth’s skills and knowledge to become local leaders in their community and provide a weekly out-of-school program. Five training days focused on knowledge, a total of 40 hours. New trainers attend 24 dance classes where they shadowed the senior teacher over a period of 12 weeks, two classes each Saturday, a total of 48 hours. In these classes, the new trainer focuses on developing the essential skills and competencies of a ChezaCheza trainer.


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