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What schools say about us

“Working with ChezaCheza has been really fun, they have a friendly facilitator. The girls are always looking forward to the next class with teacher Mose. Their work has impacted the girls’ teamwork, self-esteem and confidence. We at sunflower greatly appreciate ChezaCheza creativity and guidance in life skills through dance.”

Rukia Sebit, Executive Director at Sunflower Trust

“I have been in ChezaCheza classes and enjoyed the participation of both the learners and ChezaCheza trainer. From my end, I can satisfy that the trainer has the right content and gives quality service. He has been consistent and punctual creating convenience from our end as well as his end. The kids enjoy the classes to the maximum until other younger kids wish to be incorporated into the program. By my own observation and other teachers, we have identified some boys and girls who could not speak even in front of their classmates due to shyness but now they are confident enough to talk with fellow classmates as well as other population.”

Bernhard Asanya, School director at Mobjap (Garden of Hope School)

“The teacher keeps time and always follows an organized plan for the day. He’s very kind, loving and respectful to the children. During the lessons, teachers are always there to motivate and guide where necessary. Learners are always very excited and expectant every Thursdays afternoon. We highly recommend dance lessons. Most learners are more confident to dance without fear and express themselves as they are taught by the dance trainer.”

Ms. Alice, teacher at Oasis Kindergarten

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