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African Leadership Network – Developing leaders to transform Africa

“For our Decennial ALN Gathering in Accra, we were extremely pleased to have ChezaCheza as collaborative partners in developing and delivering on our theme, “Daring to Dance”. ChezaCheza prepared detailed lesson plans for the event which culminated with their getting some 350 participants to engage in an experiential learning activity that had everyone dancing! Their contagious spirit as well as their dance choreography and “teaching” was enthusiastically received by the diverse audience assembled. They have a special gift for engaging even the most reluctant person in the movement and rhythm of dance while at the same time facilitating new insights about themes such as collaboration and innovation. We were very grateful for their presence and their shared leadership for this pan-African conference.”

Steve Boehlke, Senior Advisor at African Leadership Group

Metis – Education Fellowship Program

“ChezaCheza enabled our cohort of Metis Fellows to deeply explore the question: “What are the components of excellent learning experiences?” Francis’ exuberant, learner-centred approach helped our senior education leaders to experience the joyful pedagogy all learning experiences should include–whether we’re learning to dance, write, or code! ChezaCheza is for learners and leaders of all ages and contexts!”

Rebecca Crook, Executive Director at Metis

Global Minimum Inc. – Supporting young innovators and leaders

“The first time I interacted with ChezaCheza was through the Metis Fellowship kick-off retreat and I was amazed at how they taught as so much about improving pedagogy through a dance activity. My organization, Global Minimum Inc.(GMin) champions experiential-based learning and I invited ChezaCheza to our youth innovation camp to give the young leaders we work with an opportunity to learn about teamwork and challenge them to have a growth mindset in a fun, interactive and engaging way and ChezaCheza did just that!”

Richy Bikko, Program Manager at Gmin

Sunflower Trust – Literacy and leadership development program

“Working with ChezaCheza has been really fun, they have a friendly facilitator. The girls are always looking forward to the next class with teacher Mose. Their work has impacted the girls’ teamwork, self-esteem and confidence. We at sunflower greatly appreciate ChezaCheza creativity and guidance in life skills through dance.”

Rukia Sebit, Executive Director at Sunflower Trust

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