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ChezaCheza means playful in Swahili.

We use the power of dance and movement to teach children from disadvantaged communities essential social and emotional competencies to succeed in school and thrive in life. What we noticed is that growing up for children is tough, but growing up without the resources and support you need is even tougher. We use a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) framework in our dance classes and create high-quality out-of-school dance programs in communities through members of the community.

Why do we do it

In the under-resourced and marginalized communities, children living in poverty are at a greater risk for abuse, neglect, behavioural, mental, and academic problems. The adverse effect of poverty will comprise their future and development into well-rounded individuals who make appropriate choices for an active, safe and productive life. In the challenging environment that children in poverty grow up in, we think about what it takes for children to thrive. Can children learn coping methods and resilience? An early intervention that focuses on building essential social and emotional skills can change the trajectory of the rising generation of African children.

How do we do it

We create more safe learning spaces within communities by providing local role models with access to a professional development and training program geared towards teaching dancers how to implement social-emotional learning in an out-of-school dance program. They are ideal facilitators because they come from the same communities as our children and understand their challenges.

Our dance curriculum uses a Social-Emotional Learning framework that incorporates mindfulness, breathwork, and dance exercises based on dance movement therapy techniques to provide an innovative framework to learn. In our class, children experience the joy of dancing in a safe space while building positive behaviour and essential social and emotional skills.


We want to create safe spaces where you feel like you’re growing, where you belong and can make mistakes. We cannot change the environment, but what we can do is build strong minds. Everything starts with the mind

- Francis Odhiambo, co-founder of ChezaCheza

ChezaCheza's vision

Empowering children with the capacity to make responsible life choices and realize their full potential

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What we do?

Life Skills Education

ChezaCheza emphasizes the necessity of good life skills as an effective way to deal with the challenges of life, stimulate positive behaviour and decision-making.

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Three core elements of life skills education

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