Our Programs

We believe in the power of dance to build essential social and emotional skills, help you connect with others, express your emotions and build confidence. In a ChezaCheza class, children experience joy, release stress and have a way to express their emotions that can help children navigate life’s challenges and make responsible decisions.

We have two flagship programs and a partnership model to improve well-being in schools and communities for more children and youth in vulnerable communities all across Africa! 

Community Dance

In the Community Dance Program our CBDCs lead weekly 2-hour therapeutic dance sessions for juniors (10-13 years old) and seniors (14-18 years old) with a specialised curriculum rooted in Dance Movement Therapy, Social-Emotional Learning and mindfulness meditation.

The sessions are held in community spaces, which are transformed into safe spaces by the CBDC. Children learn more about creativity, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, self-esteem and empathy in 3 modules.

Happy Schools

ChezaCheza also partners with schools in marginalised communities to implement its therapeutic dance sessions and position learner and teacher happiness as a vehicle for better and wider learning experiences and outcomes.

ChezaCheza works with partner organisations connected to schools to enter into school partnerships. CBDCs provide a shorter version of the dance session as an extra-curricular activity.


The ChezaCheza partnership model is for organisations and schools who want to implement the ChezaCheza program as one of their programs under their guidelines and oversight.

With the subscription model, your staff gets the essential training, support and documents necessary to ensure children release stress, build confidence and express their emotions through the transformative power of dance.